Empowering Vietnam’s Young generations by shaping the future of Personal Media Environment

At CREATORY, we grow our employees into extraordinary individuals by guiding them how to become influencers. By doing so, we don’t just work on ourselves, we impact millions of Vietnam’s young generation by helping them become more conscious about the world through ‘media environment transformation’

The Community with 10 Million Vietnam’s Youngsters

Innovative Business model that encompasses entertainment, media, commerce

90+ Team members Average age 25

CREATORY not only helps you to find and accelerate your talents but also provide opportunities to maximize your impact & result. We achieve this through innovation of new media called Personal media. CREATORY provides perfect place for people who are afraid of unfulfilled potentials.

No matter what role you fit into, you will be playing a crucial part in impacting millions of lives across Vietnam. Because at CREATORY, all career path lead to one common goal : Shape the future of Vietnam’s young generations by enriching their consciousness & motivation. Imagine you become the single-most important person of thousand of Vietnam because they truly love what you can bring for them.

Ready to Apply to CREATORY

This Three-step process will help you see if We’re a Match. CREATORY is not a regular company. Rather we are a cross between a company & community. We’re focused on One thing, shape the future of young generations by innovation of media environment. We can generate and bring out massive values for the future of our next generations. Because of this, we care about three things when you apply. First, which part of CREATORY mission appeals to you, second, if you can fully get behind CREATORY’s value and finally, team you’d like to join.


Does Our Mission Excite you?

The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. What they have-- is a mission. At Creatory, our mission is to create opportunity for Vietnam’s Young generations to enrich their creativity & consciousness so that they can have more choices which lead better results.


Do you align with our values?


We believe in the power of audacious vision. Ridicule is the price visionaries pay to get to the world-class.


Evolution is fundamental biology of human and It is happening at this very moment. If you don’t keep evolving, you will become obsolete.


Have the minority mentality so you live like a Hero & Leader, not as an average person.


Would you love to be part of one of these teams?

Agency Team

Content Planners

Production Team

Marketing Team

Game Team

Life Style Team

Beauty Team

Video Commerce Team

Head Quarter Team


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