Influencer Marketing Campaign Development

Based on brand guideline and objectives, we will build a influencer marketing campaign that can maximise brand presence, product awareness, brand sentiment, and sales.

Influencer Video Production

We recognise trends and keep brands top of mind by closely working with internal production team from scripting, organising the location, equipment to directing the content, ensuring that the video content can convey the right message.

Influencer Video Distribution

Video distribution is also as important as video production. We help to distribute your video content to the right audience and maximise exposure and engagements with owned influencer network of TOP 100 influencers.

Influencer Relationship Management

We do not only connect your brand with our top-notch influencers, but we also build long term relationship between brands and influencers by aligning the understanding & interests.

Social Selling

We help clients generate sales leads by leveraging the existing relationships with our audiences via our huge network of exclusive influencers.

E-sport Tournament & Team Management

Game has been melted in every part of our lifestyle. With professional team that has wide experience in organizing both online and offline eSport tournaments, we help clients to leverage the mass audiences' major interest.

Brand Youtube Channel Management

A well managed YouTube channel will help broaden your reach to a new customer base & encourage existing customers to re-visit your channel. Consumers subscribing your brand’s Youtubue channel have strong tendency to become loyal customers.


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